Since the beginning of 2016, the CUPA Trauma & Rescue Centre, whose primary work is to pick up injured animals and house them until they are well again, has sterilized 124 dogs, vaccinated them against rabies and then released them back into the neighborhoods from where they were picked up.

These surgeries are not covered under the city-funded ABC-ARV program. The $1,000 grant CHAL USA gave us in December 2015 helped underwrite the costs. It typically costs a minimum of Rs. 800 to sterilize and vaccinate a dog.  Also, last January, when India celebrates “Animal Welfare Fortnight,” an additional 52 sterilized community dogs received their annual anti-rabies vaccination in a special drive requested for and organized by residents of a dog-friendly neighborhood in Bangalore-East. This too was made possible by the CHAL grant.

CUPA thanks CHAL for fueling our ABC-ARV efforts which helps keep people and animals safe and healthy.